Collections and Testing Services

  • Urine Specimen Collection (drug detection)
  • Urine Specimen Rapid Testing with on the spot results (non DOT clients only)
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • DNA Testing (more information)
  • Hair Follicle Collection (drug detection)
  • Twenty-four hour onsite post-accident and “for cause” collection services (Corporate clients only)

Consortium/Third Party Administrator Management

We specialize in workplace collections and testing programs for DOT or other federally regulated safety sensitive industries such as Aviation, Commercial Marine, Mass Transit, Pipeline, Railroad and Transportation.

  • We can develop a comprehensive DOT compliant drug and alcohol testing program or facilitate an existing program effectively.
  • We follow the twenty-three step procedures for collection of specimens under the DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40. We maintain an unbroken chain of custody; transporting the specimens to a lab certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, and forwarding the results for review by a certified MRO (if applicable).
  • We offer the following Consortium/TPA Management Services:
    • Onsite and clinic testing.
    • Twenty-four-hour emergency collection services.
    • Onsite mass pre-employment specimen collection services.
    • California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) compliant random pool management.
    • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services – Employers may elect to use MRO services to interpret & evaluate positive results.
  • Reporting – Facilitate DOT, PUC, and other agency reporting and verification.  Reports are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. Year-to-date summary reports can be provided upon request.


We offer training and informational workshops on identifying symptoms of abuse as well as alcohol and drug education. We also provide educational literature on DOT federal regulations, collections and testing practices and many other resources.